Women in Technology Statistics

women in tech statistics

Women in tech statistics – vanhack: Employment Trends In addition to general reports on employment trends, there are specific reports that focus on the employment of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STM) professions. According to a 2021 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, women make up a record 18% of the computer operator workforce but only a small percentage of software programmers, computer systems analysts, or system designers. Also, women of color are more likely to work in marketing, customer service, and administrative positions than men. However, women in STM occupations make up a large proportion of the telecommunications industry and account for almost one in ten workers in this field. In fact, women of color now outnumber men in almost every major telecommunications job category.


Women in Technology Statistics: Working at Home Women now outnumber men in almost every major home-based position. Homecare Workers comprises a growing portion of the workforce, with the highest proportion of caregivers in nursing homes. The proportion of women in management positions is slowly rising, but they still make up a large percentage of technical staff in hospitals and medical centers. In addition, women now account for nearly half of all the workers in retail stores, food service, and janitorial services.


Women in Technology Statistics: Breakdown of Gender Distribution According to a 2021 Society for Automotive Technicians (SAAT) survey, women working in automotive are more likely than men to identify as female. Only 3% of automotive technicians are female. The numbers vary significantly across different industries. For example, engineering professionals are more likely to be male, and software engineers tend to be more heavily bi-gendered.…

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