Which Designers Are Worth Considering For Engagement Rings in London?

engagement rings london

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, you may be wondering which designers are worth considering. Here are some of the best and most affordable brands in the capital. Not only will they provide you with the highest-quality jewellery, but they will also work with your budget. While you may be worried about the price, bespoke rings can start from PS1500, making them an affordable option. Plus, they’re the perfect opportunity to spend time with your other half and kickstart a conversation about bespoke engagement rings london.

A Special Designers Repair

Located in the heart of London, Hearts of the City uses ethically sourced diamonds to produce their gorgeous and intricate pieces. This jeweller has a focus on customer experience and doesn’t use hard sales techniques. Instead, they believe that quality speaks for itself. This commitment to ethical sourcing has resulted in over 10,000 couples choosing Hearts of London to buy their engagement rings. Their website also provides tons of useful information about buying diamonds and the secrets of the trade.

Before you begin your hunt for engagement rings in London, you should know your partner’s ring size. It may seem like a simple task to guess a woman’s ring size, but it can be tricky. If she is not comfortable with wearing your ring, borrow hers and trace the inside. You may also want to check out online guides. It’s important to keep in mind that women usually wear size “L”. If you’re unsure, resizing is an option post-proposal.

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