Where and How Can I Get Custom Challenge Coins Made?

A custom challenge coin is usually a silver medallion or coin made for an individual by a volunteer group. Custom challenge coins generally bear their logo or insignia of an organization and their name or other identifying words. They are usually used by various groups in both the military and law enforcement to indicate that they all belong to a single unit or team. These coins are also often used to identify members of a club or organization, or in government organizations like the United States Mint. Read more – coincious.com

Where and How Can I Get Custom Challenge Coins Made?

When you are looking for custom challenge coins made for your group, you should always do some research on them before ordering them. Look at what different clubs or organizations in your area have done in the past and use those as your examples when looking for your own custom coins. Find out what kinds of words or images were used to help identify your group or to indicate the membership in it. This information may be readily available in histories or by contacting the association that made the coin. You may even be able to find pictures of the custom challenge coins made for other groups.

There are many different organizations that use custom challenge coins. They include the American Legion, the Forest Service, the Navy Volunteer Group, the Red Cross, the Veteran’s Administration, the National Police Association and the United States Army Corp of Engineers among many others. Fire departments also make use of these types of coins when honoring personnel who have given service in the line of duty. The police and the National Park Service also use them in recognition of outstanding performances by their personnel.

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