When It’s Time For Driveway Replacement

driveway replacement

When you have a crumbling, cracked driveway, it’s time to consider a driveway replacement. Rather than just patching up the damage yourself, consider hiring a professional contractor to do the job. Although this will delay the full-on project, the repairs will only last a year, and in the meantime, you will have to face the hassle of resurfacing again in a few years. Also, repairing the cracks yourself will only save you the frustration of replacing the entire surface.

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Another sign that your driveway may need replacement is the presence of large cracks. Cracks larger than one quarter of an inch are too wide to be repaired and should be replaced. In addition to cracks, you should also look for disconnected cracks. If cracks are too large, they will combine to cause too much damage. When small cracks combine, they become large, allowing water to get into the crack and expand. If you suspect your driveway needs replacement, you should start by inspecting the crack’s location.

Concrete repair is the most complicated aspect of driveway replacement, so it’s best to take precautions. You can start by pointing sprinklers away from your driveway to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. Another simple way to prevent deterioration is to avoid planting trees and plants along your driveway, as these may cause soil to shift. Instead, relocating the trees or cutting down their existing root systems will keep the soil from shifting underneath the driveway.

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