What Is a Call Girl?

call girls

A call girl is a type of sex worker who accepts clients by phone. AmorousHug operate out of a private location such as a home or a hotel room, and charge a premium rate for their services. In contrast to street prostitutes, who solicit clients on the streets, call girls offer a more regulated and discreet service. They are also more likely to work for a fixed hourly fee.

Many of the same rules that apply to working as a hooker apply to being a call girl. For example, it is important for a call girl to be attractive and approachable. She should also be smart and educated, and have a good understanding of human relationships and sexuality. Having these skills allows her to connect with her clients and give them a more fulfilling experience.

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Some high-end call girls cater to executives, politicians and celebrities. These clients expect more than kinky sex; they want to be pampered with beauty, brains and ambition. They want to feel like they are paying for a luxury service, not a $5K-an-hour slum-girl.

For these clients, a bonding phone call can be an important part of the service. A bonding call involves a conversation with the client in which she discusses topics that are primarily sexual, but can include other issues. This can help build rapport, allowing the client to make an informed decision about whether or not to engage in sex with the call girl.

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