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In France, the use of a temporary workers agency is permitted by law. The TW agencies that operate outside of France can temporarily assign employees to user enterprises in the country. However, they must follow the rules set for temporary agencies in France. Those rules include the right to equal treatment and compensation for temporary agency workers and permanent workers, and the end-of-assignment compensation to offset the instability of the temporary workforce.

What Is a Temporary Workers Agency in France?

In France, the agency workers have a high degree of legal protection, which is the same as for permanent workers. But the main issue is the implementation of these rights. The nature of agency workers makes it difficult to organise and enact their rights. The micro-temporary agencies are not usually members of the Movement of French Enterprises, and the trade union presence is almost non-existent. These factors make it difficult for the government to collect data on the employment situation of the temporary workers.

The French government is working to amend the law, but this may only result in more confusion. The new Services Directive is a regulation that restricts the use of temporary workers meilleur Agence d interim. It does not apply to permanent employees, but it does apply to contract workers. The French legislation also allows temporary work agencies to use the same laws that govern permanent workers. Nevertheless, the new law does not allow the employment of foreign workers. This situation has made it even more difficult for social partners to organise and ensure that their rights are respected.

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