Social Media Marketing Plan vs SEO Plan


Social Media is literally taking the web by storm, but is also a magnet to the eyes of business owners and CEO’s seeing this new avenue of marketing as a place to spend their employees time creating a social media marketing plan. A lot of companies are pushing their efforts onto Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms in the hopes to drive more traffic and sales their way. The question is, should your company be doing this as well?

First off, there definitely needs to be a balance on the time spent actually marketing your website, and then pushing your content through the social channels of these micro blogging websites. Businesses trying to sell products, and gain more memberships are simply taking a too salesy approach with their content which is causing the visitors eye to just skip right over it. We need to remember, that if you’re going to start marketing in the world of social media, you should represent yourself as an individual, with feelings, thoughts, and ideas rather than a business entity just going for the sale or conversion.


According to Brand AdvoKates, By becoming just another business entity and throwing up the “buy this now” crap, you’re really losing focus on the initial content that is supposed to attract, keep and perhaps convert a visitor to purchase on your site. So by having a relevant tweet, a catchy post, or interesting update to your fans, you are ensuring that your content is eye catchy, not skipped over, and may earn that positive click.


Again though, yes the social world has the potential to drive some quality traffic to your website, but take a look at the niche you’re in, is it really social? What markets are you trying to target? What are your demographics? Based on this, set a small amount of time each day to your SMM (social media marketing) campaigns and see how it goes. Be sure to be using some analytics, such as Google and Facebook insights to keep track of your progress.


Before any of this though, your website should have a well developed content strategy. I mean, what’s the point of pushing all this content through the different channels, earning the clicks, and than having those visitors bounce faster than lightning because your content sucks. (REALLY!) Yes really, your content strategy is key, and should be at the top of any website owners list of TO DO items, because with great content, comes great conversion rates!!

To sum it up, the answer to our initial question here is Yes, you should definitely develop a social media marketing plan alongside or integrated within your SEO services, just make sure you manage the time spent, and how you go about pushing the content.




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