Smith Machine Deadlifting

The Smith machine deadlift is a powerful movement to add to your powerlifting routine. It can be used to amplify your deadlift, increase grip strength, and break through training plateaus. However, incorporating smith machine deadlifting into your workouts requires a high level of technical proficiency and proper form to prevent injury and maximize performance.Find out

When performing a Smith machine deadlift, the bar will rest on a set of safety stoppers just below knee height. To perform this exercise, stand behind the bar with your feet hip-width apart and a slight bend in your knees. Next, grasp the bar with a pronated (palms forward) grip, placed just outside your knees. If you are lifting a heavy amount of weight, wrist wraps may be required to provide additional support and comfort.

Incorporating Smith Machine Deadlifting into Your Workout Routine

Once you have a stable grip on the bar, bring your hips into a strong hinge pattern as you pull it up towards your legs. The deadlift is one of the most powerful exercises you can do to build your lower body, core, and glutes. In addition to working these important muscles, the Smith machine deadlift also teaches you how to control your bar path.

Unlike the barbell deadlift, the Smith machine will lock your bar into a specific position and force you to keep your back in a neutral position throughout the entire lift. This helps protect the lower back and prevent injury, especially if you’re new to the movement or are lifting a heavy amount of weight.…

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