Rolld Gold Cigarettes Review

Rolld Gold Cigarettes are made of premium tobacco sourced from the world’s most prestigious tobacco-growing regions and boast a sophisticated design that makes this brand a statement piece. They are available in a variety of pack sizes and variants to satisfy smokers with various preferences.

The premium light variant of Rolled Gold Cigarettes offers a smooth, delicate taste that caters to smokers who prefer milder smokes. Its carefully balanced blend of high-quality tobacco crafts a layered smoking experience, with a pleasant, pleasing taste and aroma.

Rex is a self-employed courier who transports contraband cigarettes from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to “smoke shacks” throughout the Okanagan. He agreed to speak with Postmedia only if we agreed not to use his name.

Luxury Redefined: Rolled Gold Cigarettes Reviewed

As we walked through a dark alley near the intersection of Carroll Street and East Hastings, Rex pulled a cigarette from an unmarked carton and lit it. He smoked two puffs before showing us the package. It bore several notable mentions: “No Additives”, “100% Natural Tobacco”, “100% Canadian Blend”, “Underage Sales Prohibited”, and a health warning written in both English and American.

After soaring in the 2000s to a peak of 40% of the market in 2008, contraband tobacco has been steadily losing ground. One of the reasons for this decline is that so-called Indian cigarettes are often of lower quality than legal brands. But that may have changed with the arrival of Rolld Gold. It’s a new generation of Native-produced, additive-free cigarettes that are comparable to mainstream products.

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