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Social Media Marketing Plan vs SEO Plan


Social Media is literally taking the web by storm, but is also a magnet to the eyes of business owners and CEO’s seeing this new avenue of marketing as a place to spend their employees time creating a social media marketing plan. A lot of companies are pushing their efforts onto Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social platforms in the hopes to drive more traffic and sales their way. The question is, should your company be doing this as well?

First off, there definitely needs to be a balance on the time spent actually marketing your website, and then pushing your content through the social channels of these micro blogging websites. Businesses trying to sell products, and gain more memberships are simply taking a too salesy approach with their content which is causing the visitors eye to just skip right over it. We need to remember, that if you’re going to start marketing in the world of social media, you should represent yourself as an individual, with feelings, thoughts, and ideas rather than a business entity just going for the sale or conversion.


According to Brand AdvoKates, By becoming just another business entity and throwing up the “buy this now” crap, you’re really losing focus on the initial content that is supposed to attract, keep and perhaps convert a visitor to purchase on your site. So by having a relevant tweet, a catchy post, or interesting update to your fans, you are ensuring that your content is eye catchy, not skipped over, and may earn that positive click.


Again though, yes the social world has the potential to drive some quality traffic to your website, but take a look at the niche you’re in, is it really social? What markets are you trying to target? What are your demographics? Based on this, set a small amount of time each day to your SMM (social media marketing) campaigns and see how it goes. Be sure to be using some analytics, such as Google and Facebook insights to keep track of your progress.


Before any of this though, your website should have a well developed content strategy. I mean, what’s the point of pushing all this content through the different channels, earning the clicks, and than having those visitors bounce faster than lightning because your content sucks. (REALLY!) Yes really, your content strategy is key, and should be at the top of any website owners list of TO DO items, because with great content, comes great conversion rates!!

To sum it up, the answer to our initial question here is Yes, you should definitely develop a social media marketing plan alongside or integrated within your SEO services, just make sure you manage the time spent, and how you go about pushing the content.




Nashville Website Designers Can Help Your Business To Grow

Nashville website designers specialize in providing customized, attractive, and functional sites for companies of all sizes. Nashville web design services ensure that every client is given the attention they deserve and that their websites reflect their businesses’ true character and intent. With a wide range of services including search engine optimization, social media marketing, branding and promotional design, content management and more, Nashville web design can help your business to grow by leaps and bounds. Whether you are just getting started with online business or you are simply looking to expand your current services, you will find that choosing to work with a reputable Nashville website design and development company makes a lot of sense.

Nashville Website Designers Can Help Your Business To Grow

You should look for a Nashville website designer who is familiar with the latest technology and who has a proven track record of success. You will also want to consider the kind of work that they do. It should be something that is consistent with the kind of services that you need. After all, you want your customers to feel like they are getting value for their money, and you won’t get that if you hired somebody who is inexperienced in providing website design and development solutions.

Aside from the quality of work that they provide, you will also want to consider how affordable it is. You will need to be able to afford their services as well as the technology that they use to make sure that you get the very best results. You should request for a sample of work that they have completed in the past, and if possible, an entire finished project, so that you can get a better idea of their capabilities. A reputable Nashville web design and development firm will always be happy to provide such documentation, so you will have no trouble finding a suitable Nashville web design and development company to handle everything for you.

Where and How Can I Get Custom Challenge Coins Made?

A custom challenge coin is usually a silver medallion or coin made for an individual by a volunteer group. Custom challenge coins generally bear their logo or insignia of an organization and their name or other identifying words. They are usually used by various groups in both the military and law enforcement to indicate that they all belong to a single unit or team. These coins are also often used to identify members of a club or organization, or in government organizations like the United States Mint. Read more –

Where and How Can I Get Custom Challenge Coins Made?

When you are looking for custom challenge coins made for your group, you should always do some research on them before ordering them. Look at what different clubs or organizations in your area have done in the past and use those as your examples when looking for your own custom coins. Find out what kinds of words or images were used to help identify your group or to indicate the membership in it. This information may be readily available in histories or by contacting the association that made the coin. You may even be able to find pictures of the custom challenge coins made for other groups.

There are many different organizations that use custom challenge coins. They include the American Legion, the Forest Service, the Navy Volunteer Group, the Red Cross, the Veteran’s Administration, the National Police Association and the United States Army Corp of Engineers among many others. Fire departments also make use of these types of coins when honoring personnel who have given service in the line of duty. The police and the National Park Service also use them in recognition of outstanding performances by their personnel.

Australia Drones – More Than Just a Homing Beacon

australia drones

Australia is looking forward to expanding their unmanned aerial vehicle (or UAV) application to help civilian users conduct surveillance and remote control operations in remote areas of the country. The department of defense is backing this up with a $40 million contract with remotely piloted aerial vehicle provider RPV Solutions to develop new software and hardware for the application. The program, dubbed Aerial Eyes, will give the Australian military access to a new capability within the next decade. The goal is to use UAVs to gather intelligence and even perform military operations in Afghanistan and other areas of the Middle East. In addition to gathering data on enemy activity, the aerial eyes will also be used to monitor weather patterns, crops and other aspects of the nation’s agricultural sector.


In addition to gathering intelligence, the UAVs will also be utilized to recover downed airmen. UAVs are also expected to play an important role in humanitarian efforts, such as conducting rescue missions after natural disasters. They may also be used to transport critically injured patients and victims of severe weather or road accidents. In this manner, drones could be effectively inserted into operational areas to provide assistance to local officials and members of the public. Additionally, these same aircraft can also be used to carry out search and rescue missions over rugged terrain.


In addition to humanitarian and operational applications, Australia drones is looking to apply its UAVs to collecting and storing data on its massive agricultural industry. By using UAVs, the agricultural industry would be able to collect and analyze data on crop health and productivity from various points in the field. This data would then be used to make wiser decisions regarding the proper farming practices, and could possibly help the industry in implementing better machinery and agricultural practices to increase yield and productivity. As of now, this system is still in the research stage, but any advances made in the field would certainly be beneficial to the Australian economy. In fact, the program is said to be Australia’s largest UAV project to date.

What Is Fiddlestick Tapestries Made From?

fiddlesticks yarn

Fiddlesticks Yarn is a unique, easy to work with and colorful product. The site has an extensive array of colors and threads, so you’re sure to get one that suits your needs. You will need to look at the options before you make a purchase. This particular product was designed for kids but you may find it suitable for older children.

Fiddlesticks yarn – Colorful product

There are numerous patterns and colors. These are suitable for adults who want an item to decorate their living room with, and they also look really good as throw rugs or wall hangings. The best thing about them is that they come in a range of weights and sizes so you should be able to easily find something suitable for your needs. The site also has an excellent customer service reputation, and all orders are shipped out on the same day.


Some of the things that you need to know before ordering are, how big you want the fiddlestick to be, and if it’s going to have a printed or embroidered finish. You will then have to choose the color, and you should be aware that there are various finishes including painted, silk screened and hand painted. Silk screened finishes look the best, although many prefer the painted finish. When you have decided on a color, then you have to determine which thread color you would like to be used.