MUGA Construction Buckinghamshire

muga construction buckinghamshire

Building a multi-sports facility for your school, college or sports club is a major investment and one that requires professional builders. A MUGA construction company should use high-quality materials and proven techniques for a sturdy structure that will last. A reputable contractor will also offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure that your new multi-sports area continues to perform well for years to come.

When it comes to muga construction in Buckinghamshire there are several different options available depending on the needs of your facility and budget. In addition to the surface type, there are a variety of extras that can be installed to improve the functionality of your multi-sports area. These might include floodlights in a variety of heights, fencing and equipment storage facilities. Some MUGA construction companies can also add dividing nets to allow the facility to be used by multiple teams simultaneously.

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The process for a full MUGA construction consists of excavating the existing surface and disposing of any waste material, laying a geotextile membrane to help prevent weed growth and then preparing the sub base. Once this has been done, the porous macadam base course and the surface/wearing course can be laid to meet the recommended tolerances for the surfacing that you have chosen.

There are various types of surfacing that can be used in a MUGA; tarmac is an excellent choice for rebound ball sports such as tennis and basketball. It is a hard-wearing surface that can also be coated in a range of coloured anti-slip paints. Another option is polymeric surfacing, which has excellent impact absorption and is suitable for a wide range of team sports.

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