Kids Nap Mats

Kids Nap Mats

Whether you choose a traditional crib mattress or a portable nap mat, there are some key Kindermats differences between the two. While traditional bedding is typically thicker, nap mats are meant to be compact and lightweight. Toddlers, on the other hand, like consistency. They don’t like to toss and turn and will often mimic that behavior at bedtime, causing frustration. A kids nap mat allows them to have their own special space for napping.

Most kids nap mats are available in many fun designs, including those of their favorite cartoon characters. The mats feature high-density, Certi-PUR foam that won’t lose its shape over time. The mats also have a bamboo cover that can be machine washed. The size of a kids nap mat is usually about the size of a small child’s crib mattress. A large mat can be cumbersome, so consider the size and shape when choosing a kids nap mat.

The Milliard Toddler Nap Mat is a thicker, longer mat than the KinderMat. The KinderMat is made in the USA and has fun, PBS kids sheets. It’s less expensive, weighing just 2.59 pounds and wipes clean easily. The KinderMat Rest Mat is foldable, easy to store, and comes with two colors. Although it’s not portable, it’s a great option if you’re a parent who doesn’t want to worry about transporting the mat from room to room.

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