How to Spot a False SEO Services Agency

In the world of search engine optimization, anyone with a laptop and WordPress-installed blog can call themselves an seo services agency. However, that doesn’t always mean they have the expertise or defined process to execute a successful strategy that generates results. As such, it’s important to recognize red flags that can indicate an SEO company is not what they claim to be.

Is SEO easy or difficult?

One of the most common red flags is guaranteed results. No reputable SEO agency will ever guarantee rankings because Google’s algorithms change constantly, and any misstep can have lasting negative effects on a website’s ranking.

A good agency will take the time to understand your business, goals, and challenges before creating a strategy that is tailored to your unique needs. They will study your industry, competitors, current business relations with target audiences, and many other factors to create a plan that can achieve your desired outcomes.

Agencies with a long history of experience should have a portfolio on their website of past clients and their results. This can give you a feel for their capabilities and what to expect if they are hired.

In addition to showcasing previous work, agencies should provide a detailed breakdown of their services and pricing on their website. This can help you determine whether their solutions align with your business’s goals and budget, and also allows you to compare prices between agencies. For example, a provider that offers link building as part of their services may charge more than an agency that only provides on-page optimization.

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