How to Repair Cracked Concrete Steps

Over time the outdoor elements can deteriorate the mortar joints of brick steps repair, leaving them cracked or crumbling. This kind of unsightly damage isn’t just bad for your curb appeal, it also poses a safety hazard to anyone who uses them. It’s always best to fix problems as they occur, to prevent them from escalating into larger and more costly structural issues.

Before you can fix your damaged steps, you’ll need to examine them carefully to determine the level of repair that’s necessary. For example, if a section of your concrete step is sinking, this may indicate a more serious problem such as loose soil beneath the steps or improper soil compaction during construction. This type of problem may require a complete replacement and should be addressed by a professional.

Restoring Steps: DIY Concrete Step Repair

For smaller repairs to a concrete step, you can skip the form and just patch the area of the step that needs fixing. To do this, first make sure the area you’re working on is flawlessly cleaned. Remove any moss and dirt, and brush away loose debris such as dust or broken bits of wire that could get stuck in the new cement.

Next, spray the L-shaped wood form with cooking oil and place a drop cloth underneath to keep errant splatter from staining your newly repaired concrete step. This will help the cement to adhere better and will minimize the chance of cracking later on.

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