How to Choose the Best GreenGuard-Certified Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is tough, water resistant and has great stain resistance. It is also easy to clean and affordable, so it’s no wonder it’s still a popular choice for many homeowners looking to update their floors. It’s especially well suited for homes with kids and pets, as it’s more flexible than hardwood or laminate. Learn more

It’s worth mentioning that, like all flooring materials, vinyl isn’t without its drawbacks. Most importantly, its manufacturing process emits volatile organic compounds such as phenol and polyvinyl chloride. These can be harmful to humans and pets, so choosing vinyl that is GreenGuard-certified or uses lower VOCs is a good idea.

Vinyl Flooring for Busy Families: Why It’s a Smart Choice

Thankfully, most modern luxury vinyl planks (LVT) use the latest technology to reduce or eliminate these emissions, and there are now zero-VOC options as well! For the best environmental performance, look for products with a top layer that is 20 mil or higher – anything less will be better suited for light traffic.

Another important consideration is whether you prefer a rigid core or water-resistant flooring. Rigid core vinyl flooring is a little stiffer than traditional vinyl sheet, and it’s often installed as a snap-together floor. It’s not ideal for wet rooms and should be used over a solid subfloor. On the other hand, waterproof core vinyl can be installed in a variety of wet areas and is a great alternative to natural stone or wood tile. You can even grout LVT just like you would ceramic tiles!

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