How to Choose a Topical CBD Salve


A topical cbd salve is a great way to apply CBD oil directly to sore muscles, joints, and other areas of the body. They typically contain more CBD than a cream or lotion, and are easy to use for localized relief from pain and discomfort. The fatty oils and waxes found in salves are what make them able to stick to the skin, providing long-lasting relief and moisture.

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

When choosing a CBD salve, it is important to read the ingredients to ensure it’s safe for your skin. Look for products that use natural, organic ingredients and avoid those with harsh chemicals or irritants. You may also want to look for additional pain-relieving ingredients, like menthol or arnica. If you have sensitive skin, patch test the product before putting it on your whole body.

The best CBD salves are made using premium ingredients that can be easily applied to your problem area. They should feel soft on your skin and come in different sizes depending on how much coverage you need. They should smell nice and be free of any harmful additives. Choose a brand that prioritizes sustainability and sources its ingredients from the US.

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