Fluke 789 Multifunction Calibrator

Product Details

A calibration tool adjusts and verifies the accuracy of measurement tools to ensure that they provide accurate readings. Calibrators come in many different forms including multifunction calibrators, like the fluke 789 that offers a combination of a loop calibration instrument and digital multimeter. These tools are used in a variety of fields including electrical, mechanical, temperature, and pressure calibration.

The fluke 789 is the ultimate troubleshooting tool for electricians and instrumentation professionals combining the functionality of a full-featured loop calibrator and the power of a digital multimeter. It puts a complete current loop troubleshooting solution in the palm of your hand for about what you would expect to pay for a loop calibrator alone. It measures AC and DC volts, resistance, continuity and frequency. It also has the ability to source, simulate and measure 4 – 20 mA signals as well as provide loop power. It comes equipped with a 24-Volt loop supply eliminating the need to take a separate power supply with you when doing offline transmitter testing. It also features a built-in, selectable 250 ohm HART resistor eliminating the need to carry an external resistor.

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Other features include a large dual display, enhanced backlight with 2 levels of brightness settings, 1200-ohm drive capability on mA source, SpanCheck buttons for quick and easy calibration, externally accessible fuses for fast replacement, IR port to process test data in FlukeView Forms (V2.1), and meets 1000 Volt EN61010-1 CAT III and 600 Volt CAT IV safety standards.

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