Elf Bar’s ELFLIQ Collection


A collection of bar e-liquids inspired by Elf Bar disposable vapes, the ELFLIQ range is a great way to enjoy your favourite flavours on the go. Featuring 10ml bottles and TPD compliant nicotine strengths, these juices will work perfectly with refillable pod devices such as the Uwell Caliburn, saving you money and reducing landfill waste.

Developed by Elf Bar to be as close as possible to the experience of smoking, the ELFLIQ range uses the same nicotine salt formula and concentrates found in their popular disposable vapes. This results in a higher concentration of nicotine, giving you a smooth throat hit and faster nicotine absorption than regular e-liquids.

ELFLIQ: Elevating Your Vaping Experience

Perfect for new vapers or those looking to stop smoking, the ELFLIQ range features some of their most popular flavours from their disposable range. The Strawberry Kiwi ELFLIQ, for example, is a refreshingly fruity blend of sweet strawberries and tart kiwis to create an appetising taste profile.

The ELFLIQ range also includes some classic flavours to cater for those who prefer a more traditional experience. The Pink Lemonade ELFLIQ is a mouthwateringly fruity and tangy mix that will appeal to both sweet tooth vapers and those who favour a clean, crisp taste. There’s even a spearmint ELFLIQ for those who love a cooling and fresh-tasting vape.

The ELFLIQ range is a collection of premium, high-quality flavours that are well balanced and suitable for use in any MTL (Mouth to Lung) device or kit. Each flavour is carefully crafted to offer an authentic flavour, whilst also providing the smooth throat hit and rapid nicotine absorption that smokers have come to expect from nic salts.

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