How Plant Trailers Can Work For You?

Plant trailers, sometimes called a pallet unit, are often the first piece of equipment used by gardeners and nurseries. They are especially useful for moving small perennial plants from their bedding or Growing Zone to the main growing area, where they will be exposed to the gardener’s best light conditions. Gardeners and landscapers are able to move small trees and shrubs, herbaceous perennials, ferns, annuals, aromatic and tropical plants and smaller flowering plants from place to place when it is convenient for them. Plant trailers are also useful for moving large bulky perennial plants, such as Hawaiian umbrella plants and others.

Plant trailers – Picking the Best Trailer For You

plant trailers


One of the most popular uses of plant trailers is to move the plants directly from one location to another, possibly from the nursery to the garden, or from the house to the patio or deck. The unit can be pulled along behind your vehicle and the soil bags or netting on board can contain the plants and protect them during travel. There are also some lightweight models that you can pull behind your vehicle that has a retractable lid. These units allow you to move the plant stand without having to remove it from your vehicle. The lightweight models can also be used when moving plants in high wind and are ideal for transporting outdoor plants to high buildings or storage areas.

The cost of purchasing a pallet unit to move your plants should not deter you from this option, however. Plant trailers are built sturdy to withstand many trips to and from the plant stand. Some models come with a locking mechanism to secure the plant stand during transport, so you don’t have to worry about it moving while in transport. And if you are a hobbyist and frequently transport your own plants, you may find yourself investing in a more expensive model that has a capacity to hold much more plants.

What Is Fiddlestick Tapestries Made From?

fiddlesticks yarn

Fiddlesticks Yarn is a unique, easy to work with and colorful product. The site has an extensive array of colors and threads, so you’re sure to get one that suits your needs. You will need to look at the options before you make a purchase. This particular product was designed for kids but you may find it suitable for older children.

Fiddlesticks yarn – Colorful product

There are numerous patterns and colors. These are suitable for adults who want an item to decorate their living room with, and they also look really good as throw rugs or wall hangings. The best thing about them is that they come in a range of weights and sizes so you should be able to easily find something suitable for your needs. The site also has an excellent customer service reputation, and all orders are shipped out on the same day.


Some of the things that you need to know before ordering are, how big you want the fiddlestick to be, and if it’s going to have a printed or embroidered finish. You will then have to choose the color, and you should be aware that there are various finishes including painted, silk screened and hand painted. Silk screened finishes look the best, although many prefer the painted finish. When you have decided on a color, then you have to determine which thread color you would like to be used.