Amish Candles & Room Sprays

amish candles

Amish candles and room sprays from the Amish Candle Barn in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Amish Candles & Room Sprays are crafted by Amish craftsmen to bring the beauty of the Amish lifestyle into your home. Choose from beautiful jar candles and colorful muffin candles that smell delicious. These scented decorative candles are made in the USA and feature classic country fragrances that add a touch of elegance to any decor. Go here

Traditional Amish Courting Candles

A courting candle is a popular item in country homes and was used by fathers to set a time limit for a suitor to court a young woman. When the candle burned down to the metal holder it meant that it was time to stop the courting process. If the suitor showed promise, dad raised the candle to allow him more time. If he was a shady character, he would lower the candle and cut his time in half.

The Allure of Amish Candles: Discovering the Timeless Craftsmanship and Aromatic Delights

Amish soy wax candles are a great alternative to paraffin wax because they are cleaner burning and do not produce any toxins, carcinogens or other harmful byproducts. Soy wax also does not emit black soot like paraffin wax can.

Olive Oil Candles – No Smoke

These easy to make candles are made using olive oil that is poured into a glass jar and then dipped in hot wax. You can add essential oils to the oil to give it a desired scent. You can even use dried herbs to add a natural fragrance to the oil.

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